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  • Address: Fine Chemical Industry Park, Shengtuo Town, Kenli District, Dongying, Shandong Province, China
  • Zip Code: 257500
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Shandong Heyi Gas Co., Ltd.(used name Dongying Heyi Chemical Co., Ltd.) , established in 2009, located in the chemical industrial zone of Shengtuo Town, Kenli District, Dongying City, Shandong Province, China. The registered capital is 81.77 million yuan, the total assets is more than 150 million yuan, covering an area of more than 200 acres. At present, there are over 120 employees, including nearly 20 master and bachelor degrees.

Heyi company is a national-level high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, produce and sales of BF3 gas and its complex. The total output of BF3 gas is 800 tons per year. The total output of BF3 complex reaches more than 8,000 tons per year, besides the output of BF3 is about 1,500 tons per year. There are over 20 kinds of complex, which can be used in pharmaceutical, petroleum resin, electronics, nuclear power plants, coatings and other industries.

All the production lines are equipped with the most advanced DCS automatic control system. In 2013, Heyi passed ISO9001.

Heyi company built the R&D center of BF3, and has obtained 9 patents, including 4 international patents. Since the R&D center established, it has developed new formulations and processes of solid BF3 Acetonitrile complex, BF3 Ethylamine complex, BF3 Benzylamine complex and so on, which promote the development of BF3 industry.

Heyi company leads the drafting of the national standards of BF3 gas and three the industry standards including BF3 Dimethyl carbonate complex, BF3 Acetonitrile complex and BF3 Etherate complex.

The high purity BF3 project (99.99%, 99.999%), contains 100 tons per year output of BF3 and 5 tons per year BF3 with high enrichment of 11B, will be officially put into operation in 2021, mainly used in the high-end semiconductor, optical fiber, lithium battery, medical and other industries. After the project operate, Heyi company will change the situation of dependence on import of BF3.

Heyi Company is the main supplier of BF3 in China. Heyi has established cooperative relationship with customers in Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Europe,  the United States, and exports in scale.

Heyi company put large amount of investment in R&D of BF3 and its complex every year. Numerous new products of BF3 complex are continuously developed, which not only enhance the new profit growth point but also satisfied the domestic and foreign customers who has different demands in BF3 and its complex. The company is taking a global view leading the development of domestic industries and constantly creating the industry miracles.

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